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Shereen Maktabi leading carpet trader among 200 powerful Arab women

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Al Diyar daily interviewed the founding partner of the leading carpet gallery, Iwan Maktabi, Shereen Maktabi, following her honoring by Beirut Chamber of Commerce along with 15 Lebanese women entrepreneurs. To note, Maktabi was also chosen as one of the 200 most powerful Arab women by Forbes Magazine. Speaking to the newspaper, Shereen explained that the “feminine” and young touches have added some new features to the illustrious carpet trade, which in the past was confined to men,” Maktabi said. She noted that while personally she never faced any sort of discrimination as a woman in business, however, current Lebanese law impedes the empowerment of women.  “Take for example the law on divorce in Lebanon which is still primitive and is totally biased against women while marginalizing women’s role and rights” she added.  While involvement in political life is not one of her goals, Shereen expressed her support to the adoption of electoral women’s quota so that women can make a difference. In conclusion, Maktabi encouraged Lebanese women to remain determined and resolute in order to achieve their goals. (Al Diyar, 15 March 2015)

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