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EU support to host and refugee communities in Taanayel


The head of the European Commission Delegation to Lebanon, Christina Lassen, inaugurated last week a number of water and power services in the Beqaa town of Taanayel. The project comes within the framework of ‘Improving Water and Sanitation Infrastructure, Solid Waste and Energy, and Supporting the Local Agro-Food Sector in the Beqaa for a Better Access to Basic Services for Host and Refugee Communities’ initiative implemented by Arcenciel association. The newly-installed facilities include: the construction of water supply and storage networks for irrigation and drinking water; waste water treatment to be re-used for irrigation purposes; rehabilitation of irrigation networks; installation of 316 solar powered electricity and water pumping panels; production of heating bricks from recycled pruning wastes, and finally, development of post-harvesting infrastructure tools to preserves some 1600 tons of agricultural produce per season. To note, the Euro 2.5 million project, supported by the EU, is part of a broader Euro 18 million program aimed at improving the infrastructure and economy of local communities in the areas of Beqaa that are most affected by Syrian displacement. (L’Orient Le Jour, July 11, 2017)

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