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Even artificial intelligence is gender biased!


A recent study entitled, ‘Men Also Love Shopping’ has shown that popular photo and data collection used in the training of artificial intelligence lead to sexism and gender discrimination, according to the British Daily Mail. The study by computer science professor at University of Virginia, Vicente Ordonez and two of his colleagues started when they noticed a disturbing gender stereotype in the presumptions made by the image recognition software that was under construction. “Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed photos which associated women with cooking and kitchen,” Vicente said, adding, “not only this, but also it linked women with images of shopping, washing and even kitchen utensils, like forks and spoons, while it linked men with masculine activities, like sports, hunting and coaching, and to objects related to sporting equipment.” Researchers who studied the two collections of photos ImSitu (created by the University of Washington) and COCO (developed by Microsoft and Facebook) found that they contained over 100,000 images of complex scenes with descriptions attached. Besides the biases in the (AI) training sets, AI further exaggerated these biases. The study indicated that the images suggested female’s involvement with the kitchen 33% more than males, and that the trained model has amplified the rate to become 68% at test time. In conclusion, the study advised for caution in publishing or disseminating similar data to prevent strengthening and worsening the existing social bias. You can find the study at: )Al Akhbar, August 31, 2017(

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