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Fair Trade Day on May 21


Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL) is getting ready for the May 21 fair trade day under the campaign’s motto, ‘because trade can be fair, be part of Fair Trade Day celebration’ at St. George’s convent in Roumyeh, Qleiyat, from 12 PM until 5 PM. The FTL head, Samir Abdel Malak, explained to Al Markaziya electronic portal the importance of the event at this stage, especially that it coincides with the World Fair Trade Day (WFTD) organized by over 300 states carrying the banner, ‘World Fair Trade Organization’. Abdel Malak clarified that the aim of the day is to support and sell local production through big cooperatives from the far south to the far north of Lebanon and motivate producers to stay steadfast in their land. He added that the association primarily seeks to promote the work of cooperatives, that embrace a large number of women engaged in preparation of assortments of traditional Lebanese dishes targeted for marketing locally and abroad. Recalling the onset of this ‘unique’ initiative back in 2006, Abdel Malak disclosed that it now sells more than 70 brands of oils, wine, thyme (zaatar baladi), in addition to an array of Lebanese appetizers. The products, he said, are processed by specialized cooperatives located in Qleyaa, Bekaa and Forzol. He finally said he expected the FTL event to attract a large number of owners of coops and producers that will spend a day with family and exchange their experiences in the field. (Al Diyar, May 17, 2017)

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