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Government covers cost of Lebanese participation in international fairs


Following the Cabinet’s approval to support the participation of Lebanon’s food industries in three international agro-food fairs, Gulfood, Anuga and Fancy Food Show, the chair of the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL), Nabil Itani, handed a cheque with the sum allocated for Gulfood to the head of the Syndicate of Owners of Food Industries, Ahmad Hotait. Itani emphasized IDAL’s continuous backing of productive sectors in the country, notably, agro-food industries, particularly in the promotion and investment services. Itani urged all similar industries seeking to export their products to apply for participation in the upcoming Fancy Food Show (NYC, June 2017) and Anuga (Germany, October 2017). Likewise, Hotait stressed that such support allows local industries to be present at expos “under a unified Lebanese pavilion and to achieve two main targets which are: marketing the production of each participant company and promoting Lebanon as a pioneering and reliable producing state,” as he said. It should be noted, that some 42 agro-food institutions showcased their products in the Gulfood Fair between February 26 and March 2. (Al Hayat, April 21, 2017)
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