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The inevitability of changing Arab masculinity


Al Hayat today brought to light the thousands of cases in Egyptian society that reflect significant changes in masculinity in the Arab mindset. Such perceptions, the newspaper wrote are being exposed to major shocks as part of a need to change and move forward, making clear the inevitability of developing the perception of masculinity in the minds of its holders is documented in the study ‘Understanding Masculinities’. The latter was published this year by UN Women in coordination with Promundo involved in promoting gender equality and creating a world free from violence. The study was based on the International Men and Gender Equality Survey – MENA region, launched across 4 countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Palestine. It indicated that the outcomes are very close and sometimes identical in relation to perceptions of masculinity in the minds of boys and men aged 18 to 58 years, shared by a dominance of traditional attitudes regarding equality. The study also pointed out that men in the four selected countries that are going through tremendous economic turbulences, are under enormous pressure to find a job that demonstrates and maintains their conventional masculine role in providing for the household. According to Al Hayat, reality also reveals many masculine perspectives that view women as inferior and incomplete human beings, that need to be cared for, rectified or segregated. In conclusion, the newspaper wrote that notwithstanding the above study, life in Egypt badly needs a revision of the masculinity notion by its holders. (Al Hayat, October 19, 2017)

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