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More condemnations against sacking of Maj. Suzan Hajj


The sacking of Maj. Suzan Hajj Houbeish from her position as the ISF Anti-Cybercrime Bureau has instigated greater criticism and denunciation. However, security sources confirmed that the reason for dismissal is not liking a tweet that insulted Saudi women but has to do with a long history of punishment for her conduct that violated the ISF internal guidelines. (c.f: On the subject, Joel Rizkallah, founder of Women in Front association, pointed to discrimination against Hajj being a woman, noting that “everyone makes mistakes, and they should be given a second chance when they attempt to mend what they did,” as she put it. If Hajj was a man, Rizkallah added, and did what she did, he would automatically find his redeemer. Discriminatory actions against women are snowballing, she stated, demanding the government to adopt a national legislation for the protection of women in the country. Likewise, a civil society activist who asked to remain anonymous, explained that the reason of sacking is still not clear. While noting that public appointments in the country stick around, he pointed to the immediate replacement of Hajj by Maj. Albert Khoury, which arouses feelings of suspicion that the appointment has been cooked earlier. Hajj for her part, refused to comment on the matter, telling L’Orient Le Jour reporter that she is not allowed to fight her corner. (L’Orient Le Jour, October 5, 2017)

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