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Ogassapian submits draft to amend articles 505, 518


After repeal by the Parliament on August 16 of Article 522 of the Penal Code which exonerates a rapist should he marry his victim, the minister of state for women affairs, Jean Ogassapian, submitted to the Cabinet yesterday a draft for amendment of Articles 505 and 518 of the new bill. The draft provides for severe punishment of a person who sexually assaults a minor or any girl under seduction of marriage.  It also revokes the provisions of above articles that exempt the assailant from punishment if he marries his survivor, given that the punishment for the felony of rape should be irrevocable. To recall, the repeal of article 522 was faced with objection from a number of community and women associations based on the fact that it retains its effects under Article 505 which pardons sex with a minor who completed 15 years if he married his survivor, and also Article 518 related to forced sex by deception or marriage.  (Al Mustaqbal, L’Orient Le Jour, August 31, 2017)


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