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Sexual harassment rampant at workplace in Egypt


L’Orient Le Jour highlighted yesterday the endemic sexual harassment at the workplace in Egypt, based on a number of studies revealing that 95.3% to 99.3% of females are sexually harassed in the North African state. In its feature which focused on harassment at the workplace, the newspaper cited the New Woman Foundation (NWF) as saying that most women interviewed by the organization have admitted that they have been sexually harassed inside the four walls of the office regardless of the way they dress, their age, title or post or their social or academic status. NWF expressed concern over the way in which women are sexually coerced or forced to do business against their will. A study published by UNFPA in 2015, has shown that more than 2.5 million women were subject to sexual harassment outside home, with some 139.600 working females (nearly 3.7% of the total working women) admitting harassment at the workplace. The study also has shown a higher propensity of sexual harassment in private institutions, particularly in industrial factories. Many confirmed that their male colleagues refuse to testify with them should they decide to file a grievance at the company’s administration, and even go as far as putting the blame for sexual abuse on the girl or woman worker herself. While the UN agency lamented the lack of data assessing the impact of harassment on the quality and performance of women, it warned that this could lead to a permanent absence of women. (L’Orient Le Jour, November 14, 2017)

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