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Testimonies in the trial of killer of wife Manal Assi


The third court hearing in the case of Manal Assi came out with fresh data that emerged from statements by witnesses at the Court under Judge Suheir Harakeh, in the presence of representative of the Public Prosecutor, Judge Imad Qabalan, Al Mustaqbal newspaper reported. To recall, the Criminal Court of Cassation postponed the trial of killer of wife, Mohamad Nuheili, till yesterday to hear witnesses including the two daughters of the culprit (htt:// Al Mustaqbal mentioned that the court held a secret hearing yesterday to listen to testimonies of the minor daughter of the murdered mother and the accused father. The court also heard the victim’s brother, sister and aunt who gave statements different from what they previously made regarding earlier facts, during and after the crime, the newspaper noted. As such, the court decided to adjourn the hearing until the 27th of this coming April to listen to Manal Assi’s mother and other involved witnesses as requested by the defendant’s attorney, Ahmad Badran. (Al Mustaqbal, March 3, 2017)


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