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Zahleh workshop on tracking of agricultural products


In collaboration with TUV office, the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon IDAL organized yesterday an extension workshop in Zahleh on the ‘agricultural products’ tracking system and its role in facilitating access to international markets’. The event took place at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Zahleh and Bekaa with the participation of IDAL chair Nabil Itani, the Chamber’s vice president, Nounir Tineh, TUV office director, George Abu Haidar, as well as heads of industrial and agricultural syndicates and a number of Lebanese exporters. Tineh stressed the vitality of quality management systems in agriculture and their need to become part of the farmers’ culture. Similarly, Abu Haidar pressed for a continued development of this vibrant sector in general, with a special focus on agricultural packaging centers. Itani, in turn, maintained that the tracking system in packaging warehouses is highly useful, especially in controlling each phase of the handling and packing of the agricultural product so as to ensure a good management of food safety. IDAL president also drew attention to the maritime export program launched following the closure of borders with Syria and Jordan, lauding what he said the positive outcomes of the scheme in complementing land transport and curbing further decline of exports. Itani pointed out that the sea transport has accounted for nearly 86% of Lebanese exports compared to the land and air transport (11% and 3% respectively). He disclosed the amount of agricultural exports via said program as close to 73690 tons, that is equivalent to 22% of the size of agricultural exports, adding that some 759 truckloads, 92% of which are Lebanese owned, have been used to transport those exports. (Al Mustaqbal, An Nahar, April 13, 2017)

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