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“Maryam” a new Lebanese TV Cable network kicks off tonight


Tele-Lumière and Noursat cable TVs will launch tonight a new affiliated TV channel, “Maryam”, a women TV station which will provide women with a platform to express their views.  According to the channel’s programmes director, Sanaa Riachi, Tele Lumiere chose to call this new channel “Maryam” because Maryam is a woman figure in both the Christianity and Islam and is a role model for resilience and for standing up for justice.  She added that the aim of Maryam TV is to raise awareness and knowledge amongst women through providing them with knowledge about their “specificities” and their role, in order to enable them to distinguish between traditions that bind them and true values.  She also added that various cultural aspects will be addressed so as to contribute to a human renaissance in both East and West through women. Riachi, who is expecting positive feedback regarding this initiative, noted that programmes will help women become stronger so that they are able to support themselves, their families and their communities. To be noted that Maryam TV will broadcast throughout the Arab region, in Africa, Europe and the rest of the world on NILESAT 11177

Source: Al-Nahar 1 October 2014

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