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“Image on Demand” documentary on women’s image in the media


Fe-Male launched last Monday a documentary film entitled “Image on Demand” on women’s image in the media.  The film was produced in collaboration with the RDFL and directed by Jad Ghosn and Adib Farhat.  It highlighted the ways in which the media portrays women at the level of songs, soap operas and advertisement where women are shown to be sex objects to increase marketing.
In its coverage of the event, Al-Nahar newspaper noted that the responsibility of portraying women is not limited to the media only or to the promoters or the laws as responsibility falls also on women who agree to being objectified, insisting that the documentary should have tackled this aspect. For her part, Saada Allaw of As-Safir noted that whereas the documentary showed a number of issues related to women, it did not succeed in deeply addressing any of these issues. Allaw also noted that the film did not highlight the partnership between media and civil society which succeeded in advancing the rights of women. The third issue raised by Allaw was the fact that no mention was made of the stereotyped gender images reproduced by educational curriculum and which is reproduced by the media.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Safir 11 December 2014

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