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Smart Centre for Media & Advocacy celebrates its fifth anniversary


Smart Centre for media and advocacy celebrated the fifth anniversary of its launch during a dinner organised earlier this week in Beirut and attended by the Centre’s founding members, staff, trainers, friends and supporters.
The director of the Centre, Randa Yassir, noted in her speech that the Centre was created in order to build bridges between civil society and the media in both Lebanon and the Middle East.  As such, Smart Centre is working on strengthening development and democracy as well as peace building through encouraging media professionals to develop their coverage of social and humanitarian stories and issues.  Yassir also emphasized the achievements of the Centre during the past two years namely targeting 2000 beneficiaries through its activities, developing manuals targeting campaigns directors, training media students, organizing media campaigns and adverts on gender equality, in addition to launching two studies the first on electoral behavior of women candidates and the second on the role of the media in highlighting women pioneers.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 22 August 2013

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