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Women’s Council and MP Majdalani call for the legal protection of women from domestic violence


The Lebanese Women’s Council convened a press conference yesterday in its headquarters conference to condemn the recent terrorist explosions, to warn against civil strife and to review the situation of women in this context. During the press conference, the president of the Council Jamal Hermez Gabril warned against those who aim to revive civil strife and conflict among the Lebanese. Furthermore, Gabril pointed out to the twofold suffering of women from violence; on one level, women directly suffer from armed violence but also from domestic violence too. She referred to the recent case of Rula Yaa3cub who died after intense beating perpetrated by her husband, pointing out that there are thousands of other women who are victims of violence and remain unknown. She demanded that Parliament adopts the draft law for the protection of women from domestic violence while directly addressing members of Parliament by saying: “You are not just incapable of protecting women from domestic violence, you are also accomplices.” In conclusion, Gabril announced that 7th of July, the day of Yaa3cub’s murder, will from now on be commemorated as a national day for women victims of domestic violence.
In the same vain, MP 3atef Majdalani denounced the murder of Rula Yaa3cub, stating in a communiqué that this type of crime is not the first and would not be the last as long as no legislation is adopted to protect women , and hold accountable and punish perpetrators.

Source: Al-Nahar, Al Mustaqbal 16 July 2013

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