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UNDP community project in Naher al Bared area encourages women work in green houses


The UNDP concluded yesterday the implementation of its project entitled “Recovery of NBC surrounding communities affected by the 2006 and 2007 conflicts” with the setting up of 102 greenhouses in six localities of Akkar and Minieh.  The event was celebrated at the Halba municipality with the attendance of the UNDP Country Director Luca Renda who highlighted the importance of collaboration between the project administration and the six beneficiary municipalities, while congratulating the farmers for their patience and hard work an daily contribution to the development of greenhouses and of local agriculture in the North.
The project seeks to support the agricultural sector in those bordering villages that were affected the Naher el Bared armed conflict in 2007 through the introduction of modern greenhouses in order to increase the production of vegetables by 15% thus increasing productivity and family income.
Within the same vein, the Daily Star published a report on the farmers benefiting from this project quoting Rima Obeid who started farming after her husband retired from the army and so as to be able to secure the needs of her family which includes four children.  Obeid notes that the harsh living conditions in the area forced her to go into agriculture.  She now owns three greenhouses where she plants cucumber and tomatoes that she sells at the market in Halba.  She works throughout the year except for two months in summer.  The UNDP project offered Rima Obeid her fourth greenhouse given her need for it.  The report also points out to the experience of Fatima and her husband Mohammad who indicated that the greenhouses they received helped them repay their debts, adding that their material conditions have improved since they took part in this project.
Source: Al-Safir, The Daily Star 5 September 2013

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