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Opening of several community development projects in Akkar with EU financial support


The European Union representative in Lebanon, Angelina Eichhorst, inaugurated a number of projects in the area of Akkar starting with water and sanitation project in 2andkit, an ICT training centre in Hisheh, and a the launch of a mobile clinic and an emergency room run by Al Makassed association in 2amayer.
Eichhorst indicated that the European Union has launched a strategic plan for the development of Akkar in collaboration with municipalities, mayors and citizens.  The first intervention was the large scale water and sanitation project with a total cost of some EURO 80000.  Eichhorst also reminded the audience that the EU has financed the programme to support local development in North Lebanon which is being implemented by the CDR and which has thus far rehabilitated 9 kilometers of irrigation canals and 21 kilometers of roads in the Bqay2a plain.  She added that the Economic and Social Fund has contributed through financial support in implementing a number of projects in Wadi Khaled namely a mobile clinic run in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs, equipping an emergency room for a health care centre run by Al Makassed as well as school support for more than 400 students.
Eichhorst concluded her tour in Akroom where she held a meeting in which she spoke about the projects which will be implemented there namely a centre for agricultural extension, an olive press and a project to secure drinking water.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 20 June 2014

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