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Wheat farmers in the Beqaa threaten government with escalation to clarify modalities for collecting their new harvest


Wheat farmers in the Beqaa suffer from several problems namely rising cost of production as well as the exploitation of traders, but mainly the neglect by the Ministry of Economy who has yet to issue any information regarding the mechanisms for receiving and pricing their new harvest, a matter of great concern to the farmers.  As a result, wheat farmers in Mid, West and North Beqaa as well as Rashayya have threatened with escalation of their protests against public neglect.  The farmers noted that the mechanism for receiving and pricing the new harvest is still in pipeline since more than one month and has not been placed on the agenda of the cabinet meetings.  Farmers, who had met at the headquarters of their syndicate in Riyyaq, threatened to close the main and international roads to pressure the Ministry and force it to quickly collect the new harvest.  The head of the syndicate of wheat farmers, Ibrahim Tarshishi, said that the farmers were witnessing an unprecedented neglect in processing of their harvest whilst the Ministry is not bothered by their plea as if it is seeking to destroy them instead of doing them justice especially that food is an essential staple product of key importance for food security.

To be noted that the WEEPortal had already addressed this issue.  Please refer to previous postings:  “Wheat production in Beqaa drops by 25% and the Ministry of the Economy is absent”, on 11/7/2014 and "Akkar farmers demand a raise of wheat prices to guarantee sustainability", on 27/6/2014.


Source: Al-Safir, Al-Akhbar 20 August 2014

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