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The women section of the Future Movement celebrated IT graduates in Akkar and concluded two workshops


The women section of the Future Movement in Akkar organised an event to celebrate the graduation of women who completed the two ICT training workshops which were held in Kab3eet and Wadi Jamoos in Akkar, in collaboration with the Federation of Municipalities of Sahel and Wasat Al-Kaytah.  The event took place last week at the section’s headquarters in Akkar with the attendance of the general coordinator, Samer Haddara, the president of the Federation of Municipalities of Sahel Al-Kaytah, Ahmed el Mir and the coordinator of the women sector, Insaf al Asaad.
Al Asaad noted that the renaissance of Lebanon and Akkar will not be possible without a wide participation of women including students, wives, sisters, and girls in the development of their local communities.  She highlighted the Future Movement’s full support to women activities despite the currently difficult situation of Lebanon in general and North Lebanon and Akkar in particular.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 18 November 2013


The Future Movement completed last week, and in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, two workshops; the first focused on the concept of liberalism and targeted the women sector of the movement whilst the second targeted the youth sector and focused and aimed at developing leadership.  The 2 events were organised within the framework of the ongoing awareness raising and cultural activities implemented by the Future Movement in collaboration with the German organisation.
The workshop on liberalism extended over two days and included a number of interactive exercises on the concept of liberalism, challenges and practical steps to operationalise it, and an introduction to practices of “liberal life”.  The second workshop used practical activities and focused on developing leadership skills amongst the youth, whilst highlighting individual rights and responsibilities, and designing strategies for action.  
The organizational assistant at the Future Movement women section, Nawal Mdally, noted that both workshops seek to build individual capacities and to strengthen the concepts of liberalism and leadership, amongst the two targeted groups, with the ultimate aims of supporting women, challenging all forms of violence against them, and facilitating women’s active participation at all levels particularly in political life.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 18 November 2013

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