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Akkar farmers demand a raise of wheat prices to guarantee sustainability


An Nahar newspaper published a report on wheat farming in Akkar where the farmers are now busy harvesting.  After that, their predicaments will begin in relation to the dates of delivering their harvest to the state (expected in forthcoming July) and low wheat prices which is the main challenge of the sector.
The report indicates that, 45 years ago, wheat planting was the most important culture in the Akkar valley and throughout the Akkar Mohafaza where wheat occupied 70% of planted areas.  Today, wheat planting hardly occupies 20% of that same area while Lebanon is forced to buy wheat to cover local demand.
According to the report, farmers in Akkar are demanding an increase in the price of wheat so as to take into consideration the increasing cost of seeds, medicines, irrigation and agricultural labor.  According to farmer Issam Makhoul, the unit cost of wheat should be increased from LBP 595 to LBP 750 per kilogram so as to recover the production cost.  He added that Akkar will produce this year around 1200 tons of wheat of different varieties only, against an average of 7000 tons during normal harvesting years.
Source: Al-Nahar 26 June 2014

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