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One USD million in daily losses by the Agriculture sector in Beqaa because of road blockage


As Safir newspaper published a report about the losses incurred to the Beqaa economy and the Lebanese economy as a result of the recent closure of the Daher el Baydar international road two days ago by the families of the Lebanese soldiers kidnapped by terrorists.  As a result, the daily activity and road communication between the Beqaa and Beirut has been paralyzed.  According to one of the traders and workers in the agricultural sector, farmers and traders are enduring daily losses amounting to some one million dollars.  The same source noted that the halt in road travel has caused a complete paralysis in the agricultural sector and more than one thousand tons of agricultural products could not reach their markets in Beirut and other locations.  He added that ships sailed out of the Tripoli port last Wednesday without filling its containers as agricultural products could not reach the port.
The report noted that the implications of the road closure is being felt not only at the level of agricultural losses but have also impacted the entire economy of the Beqaa and caused a general halt in the transit movement between Lebanon and Arab countries as it affected land travel in both ways.  Other casualties included internal industrial exports between the Beqaa, Beirut and other regions as well as general sales and purchasing activities of commercial institutions, in addition to the drop in fuel stocking.

Source: Al-Safir 26 September 2014

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