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AUB concludes a project in support of natural and healthy local food products


The Environmental Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology at the America University of Beirut (AUB) organised last week a food market at the faculty to sell the products of farmers involved in its development project which aims to support natural and healthy products.  The project was implemented by ESDU with the financial assistance of Waterfront City Cares and aimed at training small farmers and producers on food safety and natural agriculture and related commercial activities.  The project, which started in October 2012, included the organisation of successful markets for farmers held every Wednesday at Zico House, Spears street, in Hamra district of Beirut, and will be concluded at the end of the current month.
The Faculty Dean Nahla Houla stressed the importance of food safety and the importance to build up local skills.  She added that the University will open next spring a special study programme on rural development.  For her part, Salwa Tawk the Knowledge management Officer at ESDU noted that the public should actively take part in decision making concerning its food sources and not leave these decisions to international policy makers and major profit seeking food companies.  She noted that the current way of producing and consuming food are causing sever health and economic problems in addition to environmental damage and the exploitation of labor. For their part, the farmers who took part in the project noted that spaces for natural agriculture are increasing because of initiatives similar to that of AUB, and that differences are clear between the higher quality of naturally produced food and those produced commercially. Finally, the Faculty will be organising a food market on ADD DATE to mark the end of the project.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Diyar, 23 October 2013
For more information about the farmers’ market at Ziko house, please refer to the news published on the WEEPortal on 23/8/2013, entitled: “Start up of “Drive to the Market”, a new farmers’ market at Ziko House-Sanaye3 in Beirut

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