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Rural “Mooneh” sector upbeat as a result of the food safety campaign


As Safir newspaper published a report yesterday with regards to the food safety campaign of the current Minister of Public Health.  This Campaign had had a positive impact on the rural Mouneh sector particularly in Hasbaya where products are suddenly in high demand with producers unable to meet the requests of their new customers.
Salma Harfuch, a producer of various kinds of winter Mouneh, noted that requests are mostly for dairy products especially Labneh followed by free range chicken.  In addition, people are mostly going to small butcheries which depend on locally grazed livestock.  Harfoush commended Abou Faour’s action and expressed her pride with rural products whilst ensuring that they are natural and healthy and are devoid of artificial coloring and preservatives, adding that such products include fruits, vegetables, grains, milk and dairy products, olive oil and olives, figs and grapes in addition to jams and molasses.  Alia Assaf, also a Mouneh producer, had started making her own products for her household consumption.  She supported Harfush’s statement and added that their production meet health standards and is of better quality than what is on the market even if nicely packaged.  Hadia noted for her part that she works daily to prepare yoghurt and other dairy products from a livestock of goats owned by the family and is meeting local demand.  She added that this has encouraged the residents of Hasbaya to develop this skills thus making use of technical assistance provided by local and international organizations in the form of various training events and seminars.
Source: Al-Safir 11 December 2014

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