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Minister of Agriculture reiterates support Lebanese agricultural exports


In view of the numerous difficulties faced this year by the agricultural sector, especially in terms of hurdles faced in marketing, the Minister of Agriculture Akram Cheyeb reiterated yesterday his support to farmers to enable them to export to new markets.  The Minister noted that this endeavor will happen concomitantly with the work of the Ministry in trying to build the legal infrastructure for exporting, particularly through developing trade agreements with neighboring and other countries with which Lebanon share good relations.  Chehayeb also emphasized the importance that farmers commit themselves to high standards and quality needed to access new markers.
The Minister was speaking during a meeting with a delegation of horticulturalists headed by the President of their syndicate, Suleiman Samaha as well as the FAO representative, Maurice Saadeh. Chehayeb noted that the horticulture sector is a promising sector and may push farmers to start growing new products in demand of the international market.  The Minister also noted that he will be supporting this sector as much as public resources permit.

Source: Al-Nahar 28 October 2014

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