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Beqaa agriculture suffered up to 90% in losses while the state remains absent


Despite the statement last week by the director general of the Ministry of Agriculture, Louis Lahhud, during a meeting convened by the gathering of Bekaa Farmers at the Chamber of Trade, Industry and Agriculture in Zahleh and the Beqaa, that the Cabinet was scheduled to discuss the issue of compensation to farmers, in its meeting of April 8th, however, the minutes of the meeting which were published online did not include any reference to this matter.
Meanwhile, reports indicated that the agricultural sector in the Beqaa has suffered major from losses in this year’s harvest as a result of frost which hit the area during the month of March and became known as the “black death”.  Indeed, damages have affected 70 to 90% of the harvest according to estimations by experts and as per the statement of the head of the Popular Bloc, Elias Skaf.  Skaf added that the government remains absent to date and has failed to do anything to compensate farmers and to allow them to overcome this tough period.  He called on the government to work seriously and promptly to provide urgent financial help to farmers in the Beqaa.
Source: Al-Nahar 11 April 2014

To read the minutes of the Cabinet meeting of April 8th 2014, go to: Cabinet’s MoM

For more information about the frost disaster and its drastic consequences, please refer to the news piece that was published previously on the WEEPortal, entitled:
Farmers of North Lebanon and Beqaa seek government compensation for frost damages and await the decision of the Cabinet, on 9/4/2014

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