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Jordan allows entry of Lebanese potato and Lebanese authorities block export to Syria


The Jordanian authorities have now authorized 104 trucks filled with Lebanese potatoes to enter its territory after it had refrained to do so during the last few days claiming that it was protecting Jordanian farmers, in previous move which aggravated both Lebanese exporters and Jordanian merchants.  The president of the coalition of farmers in the Bekaa, Ibrahim Tarshishi, noted that this solution was essentially due to the contacts which were undertaken by Beqaa farmers with Jordanian counterparts whilst the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture did not intervene at all in the matter.  Tarshishi also spoke about the voices raised by Jordanian merchants and traders as a result of the increase in the prices of potatoes in Jordan, noting that the increase in prices within Jordan had apparently convinced the authorities there to allow the entry of Lebanese potatoes. This was also largely due to the fact that Lebanese exporters had adhered to the local imports schedule and thus did not violate any law.
Tarshishi also pointed out to the second major problem facing the export of Lebanese potatoes namely export to Syria, which he traced to the Lebanese authorities that are now requesting lab tests that are not even required by Syrian authorities.  Tarshishi concluded by pointing out that while the Jordanian authorities are taking measures to protect national products, and Syrian products are entering the Lebanese market unfettered, for their part, Lebanese exporters enjoy no official support to resolve their problems.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Nahar 5 November 2014

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