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Exhibition and graduation of 150 Lebanese and Syrian women through a US-funded women’s empowerment project in Akkar


The Akkar Development Network organized a graduation ceremony for 150 Lebanese and Syrian women who participated in the activities of the Women’s Empowerment project in Akkar which was funded by MEPI.  The event included an exhibition to market the handicrafts, produced by participants during vocational training, and which included some 700 chocolates, accessories, soap and candle items.
To be noted that this project which was implemented by the Akkar Development Network extended over nine months and covered 4 areas of Akkar, namely Bebnine, Mechha, Tekrit and Meshmesh. The project aimed at providing women with an opportunity to develop their manual, entrepreneurial and commercial skills in addition to helping them take initiatives to design and implement small projects according to their personal and financial capacities.  The event was concluded with a discussion seminar with the participation of four women who shared their experiences with local women in Akkar while addressing issues related to environment, politics, and human rights.

Source: Al-Nahar 1 September 2014

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