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Women entrepreneurs create income generating opportunities to housewives through using cooking skills


The Daily Star newspaper published the day before yesterday an article highlighting the work of the recently founded “Women to Women Success” association, which seeks to create income generating opportunities for housewives based on their cooking skills and tailored to their lifestyles. The NGO kicked off after 2 women, Maud Jabbur and Lama Diab, came up with the idea during their participation in a social entrepreneurship workshop, which they subsequently were able to implement with the assistance of a USD 11,000 grant from USAID.
Jabbur told the newspaper that the NGO was registered just a few months ago and works now, with 13 housewives providing them with training and support in various areas such as: culinary techniques, food safety, communication skills, and marketing. In addition WWS is building up a client’s base that ranges from companies, to banks and individuals. Diab added that research indicates that housewives and mothers work at least 90 hours per week, all for free. Hence, she concluded, fitting in a job, if the woman can even find one, is very difficult. However, the increasingly deteriorating economic conditions and fallouts on poor families have pushed women into becoming more economically active. Diab noted that her association is striving to create new income generating opportunities to women within their household context.

For more information, please visit their website: Women to Women Success; and facebook page.

Source: The Daily Star 25 August 2014

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