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Another local development plan in Iqlim al Kharroub with EU support


Within the framework of the project entitled “supporting the treasury of Municipalities” which aims at developing a strategic plan for local development of Lebanese towns and villages, the Capacity Building Component Team of the European Union signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) with the Federation of the Southern Iqlim al Kharroub Municipalities.  This is the second of such MoUs; the first was exchanged last week with the Federation of the Municipalities of the B7hamdun Highlands.  The head of the Capacity Building Component Team, Walter Van Damme, noted that this project which is implemented by the Technical Support team of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities with EU funding, seeks to develop Municipalities.  He reiterated that the strategic plan will be based on two key elements, namely an accurate assessment of needs and capacities of municipalities, the needs of citizens while ensuring their support to the process.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 27 October 2014

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