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Call to CSOs and the private sector to partner with the state in contributing to the development of Tripoli and the North


A workshop aiming to strengthen the development capacities of Tripoli was held yesterday at the Syndicate of Engineers under the auspices and with the presence of former PM Siniora upon the invitation of Abdel Ghani Kabbara, former PM Saad al Hariri advisor for North Lebanon affairs.
Kabbara headed the first axis of the workshop which focused on the planned development projects in Tripoli. He spoke about the city’s special economic zone whilst highlighting the importance of linking the region to neighboring countries via land routes and highways, which would decrease production costs.  He also referred to various tax waivers which would increase competitiveness.  Kabbara added that such measures would create incentives to foreign investors to invest in Lebanon thus creating job opportunities resulting in invigorating economic activity in Tripoli and the North especially via the Tripoli port, the Rashid Karameh International Exhibition Centre, the railway and the René Mu2awad airport.
Ogero’s CEO, Abdel Menhem Yussef, described the central role that Tripoli can play in developing and improving the digital economy as well as communication services in Lebanon.  Tripoli’s municipal head Nader Ghazal headed the second axis which focused on Tripoli’s infrastructure and basic services.
At the end of the workshop, former PM Siniora noted that the government cannot be blamed for all ills as it is not able to assume all burdens and everybody should work together.  He added that there are many things that CSOs and the public sector must do.
Source: Al-Diyar 17 June 2014

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