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“Life is ahead of us” project of Safadi Foundation proceed with support to women, children and youth


Safadi Foundation continues with the implementation of its programme “Life is ahead of us” with the organisation of a new vocational training sessions for more than 130 women and young men who completed nine training cycles including sewing curtains, chocolate decorations, sales techniques, and embroidery for women.  Training for men included repair of cell phone, installation of faux plafonds, electrical welding, and warehousing skills.  In addition, women participants who completed training in the production of creative veils designs and in sales skills are now attending additional training in order to improve their administrative skills.
Parallel to that, a scholastic support programme started within the two centres affiliated to the Foundation, namely the “Chababuna Centre” and the “Women Academy”.  Some 90 children from the 4th, 5th and 6th grades are benefiting from this programme which includes an assessment of the academic level of each child followed by the implementation of remedial classes as well as extracurricular activities by volunteers.
The project “Life is ahead of us” was launched last August with the financial support of the Ministry of Social Affairs within the framework of the National Programme for Social and Local Economic Development and the support of Italian Embassy in Beirut.  The project is implemented by the Safadi Foundation in the old quarters of Tripoli and seeks to mitigate poverty and support social, economic, and educational development for women, children and youth.

Source: Al-Mustaqbal 14 October 2013
For more information about the programme “Life is ahead of us” please review the news posted on the WEEPortal :
"Al Safadi trains 11 women volunteers in Tripoli on active learning methods", on 20/8/2013
"As Safadi launches vocational training workshops for women in Tripoli as part of the “life is ahead of us” project", on 4/9/2013

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