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A press conference in defence of Khan al Sabun


Khan al Sabun, the traditional soap factory, suffered from recent rumors saying that its products are carcinogenic.  As such, the president of Khan al Sabun, Bader Hassun, called for a press conference the day before yesterday at the press syndicate with the participation of MP Elie Maruni, the president of the industrialists association, Fadi Gemayel, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the North, Tufic Dabbussi, and the responsible of 7Halal company, Mahmud Lababidi as well as other interested individuals. Hassun ascertained that the production of Khan al Sabun enjoys high standards and quality and is entrusted with the ISO and 7Halal seals.  Lababidi endorsed Hassun’s statement and indicated that the Khan el Sabun products are free from animal fat and of any pork derivatives and as such, has gained the 7Halal seal.
MP Maruni spoke of the importance of the industrial and tourism sectors in Lebanon.  He added that Lebanon enjoys industrial handicrafts, namely soap making, which is contributing to raising the visibility of tourism in Lebanon.  Maruni added that the industrial and tourism sectors in Lebanon are now under attack.  He called on all to work in solidarity and with concerted efforts because the industry needs national unity without any confessional or racial consideration.

Source: Al-Diyar 22 July 2014

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