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“Azem Zaman” annual handicrafts exhibition in Tripoli with NGO participation


The Azem arts and crafts school, “Azem Zaman”, inaugurated last week its annual exhibition entitled “Tripoli Loves Life”.  The exhibition takes place at the Azem cultural centre “Bayt el Fann” in Mina with the presence and under the auspices of Ms. May Mikati, the former PM’s wife.  In her opening address, Mikati expressed her admiration of the exhibition and the products and work of the graduates of the Azem arts and crafts school.  She also highlighted the importance of empowering young women and men at all levels as the nation needs the creative potentials of young people.
A number of NGOs and institutions from North Lebanon are taking part in this event namely the Safadi Foundation, l’Artisan du Liban, Fista centre for special education, Wa7hat al Fara7h for individuals with special needs and others.  The event seeks to strengthen cultural events in Tripoli as well as helps the students of Azem arts and crafts school in marketing their products as well as opens new opportunities and horizons for them.
Source: Al-Diyar 14 April 2014

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