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Women’s economic concerns at the “Homemade Mouneh Exhibition in Amioon


As Safir published news report on the Homemade Mouneh exhibition which was organised last Monday 11th of November, by Al-Nahda Women’s Association in Amioon, Kura.  The report highlights the experiences and concerns of some of the women who are participating in this event and who come from Akkar, Duma, Zgortha and Byblos to market their homemade products.  Sahar Nasr Al-Diri emphasised the importance of marketing homemade products and, as such, providing work opportunities for women so that they can financially support their families.  She suggested the setting up of a marketing cooperative in Kura which would assist in the marketing of products made by women who only work from home.  Warde Shathbek noted for her part that she depends on exhibitions such as this one so that she can secure additional income for her family.  She shared her concern with the competition in her village as she used to provide homemade sweets to a local pastry shop however, once her products became popular, the shop owner learned the recipes and started doing these himself without resorting to her services.  Nouha and Nahla Saadeh noted that although the sales of homemade food did not secure all the needs of their families, however it considerably helps in supporting their livelihoods. Nuha Barakat commended the diversity of products in the exhibition and the quality and said that the event provides a space for social gathering and exchange of experiences.
The president of Al-Nahda Women’s Association in Kura, Aafa Shammas, said that she is aiming to set up a permanent showroom in Kura which is an area reputed for its traditional homemade food.  Shammas told As Safir that what encourages visitors to come to the exhibition is their appreciation of the homemade products and willingness to support to the organization and women producers.  She added that working women no longer have time to do homemade food and Mouneh and hence resort to purchasing products made by other women.
Source: Al-Safir 12 November 2013

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