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A competition by Regie on stringing tobacco in the South highlights the important role of working rural women


As Safir newspaper published a report yesterday on the tobacco stringing contest organized by the Regie in collaboration with the union of tobacco growers as well as a number of South Lebanon municipalities,.  This annual event involves some 17 Southern towns and seeks to highlight the work of rural women as well as improve the quality of agriculture in addition to giving Southern women farmers the opportunity for a positive competition and encourage them to produce with a possible chance to win a valuable prize.
According to the report, the contest takes place in the village plaza or in a school or municipality.  The contestants (ages ranging between 20 and 50 yo) are given equal quantities of tobacco leaves of different sizes which they need to hand-string.  The competitions started this year in the frontal village of Hula in Marje3yun where Naimah Koteich won the first prize as she was able to complete three strings in less than 6 minutes. The first four winners received a Golden Pound each and all other contestants received various prizes.

Source: Al-Safir 24 June 2014

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