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NFTW expose “Regie”’s manipulation of tobacco farmers in South Lebanon


Following the last week declaration of the president of the Federation of Trade Unions of Tobacco farmers in Lebanon, Hassan Faqih, about the initiation of the process of purchasing last year’s tobacco by the Regie, the National Federation of Trade Unions of Workers – South Lebanon branch (NFTW), issued yesterday a statement addressed to tobacco farmers highlighting the continuous exploitation and manipulation by the Regie. The statement noted that the Regie tends to slash the value of the harvest in terms of overall weight during the weighing operation, through discarding one kilogram per bale. These accrued kilograms are then removed from the list during the price assessment stage under the guise of being damaged thus cutting the payment made to farmers which is already based on a low price set at LBP 12,000 per kilo.  The NFTW statement reiterated its demands to grant tenure of license ownership to tobacco growers and to include them in the NSSF, and ensure that their harvest is bought in full. Furthermore, the statement reiterated its previous demand for raising the price of the kilogram of tobacco to LBP 15,000, subsidizing the process of medicines and fertilizers and finally compensating tobacco farmers for losses in 2006 caused by Israeli war.

For access to the stamen, go to the following weblink: NFTW statement
Source: Al-Safir 22 October 2014

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