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On the International Rural Women’s Day, Randa Berri reminds the state of its responsibilities vis-à-vis rural women


The Women’s Affairs Office at the Amal party celebrated last week in the village of Ramia in Bint Jbeil, the International Rural Women’s Day which falls on October 15th of every year. The event included an exhibition of traditional products. Ms. Randa Berri spoke during the event noting that the exhibition was organized in order to highlight the central role that women play in rural areas especially in agricultural development and food security.  Berry reminded Lebanon, as a member of the UN, of its duties vis-à-vis rural women especially in terms of facilitating their access to production resources, land, financing, technology, training and markets.  She stressed the importance of government commitments to ensure women’s equal participation in national development.  Short of this, according to Berri, CSOs, local council and political powers should also be responsible vis-à-vis rural women.

Source: Al-Diyar 19 October 2014

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