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Production of household Mooneh is an important economic pillar for rural women in the Beqaa


As Safir newspaper published a report about household Mooneh which women exclusively make.  The report focused on the situation of Mooneh in the Beqaa based on the accounts of two women, namely Lorette Gerges from Ferzol and Um Kassem from Ali Nahri who described her products as “healthy bites”.  Um Kassem produces Mooneh free from chemicals and additives and distributes it amongst her family.  Gerges for her part considers Mooneh to be an economic need for rural women as it has gone beyond household pantries to reach shelves in supermarkets with possibilities for external marketing especially with the existence of rural women cooperatives, women group, and factories for packaging as well as new marketing channels.  Gerges said that she started her experience as a solidarity group of around 20 women who set up a food-processing cooperative to produce Mooneh and selling it locally and internationally.  Gerges added that Mooneh making is a hereditary skill but they have added to it new practices such as safe packaging according to international standards.  She also noted that women cooperatives have become a major outlet for farmers’ products.

Source: Al-Safir 20 August 2014

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