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Saydeh defies disability through producing and selling healthy traditional Mooneh


The Daily Star published a report about Saydeh Malek Sayed Ahmad, a disabled woman in her 50s residing in Tripoli.  Saydeh preserves old traditions through producing Mouneh using old recipes.  According to the report, she started her initiative some 14 years ago when she fell ill and and consequently was housebound.  During the period in which she was bedridden, she followed a TV programme featuring Lebanese traditional cooking, which inspired her to begin her culinary pursuits. In the beginning, she started making homemade preserves like sauces and jams, but she soon delved into savory foods that incorporate traditional ingredients. Sayde started preparing merely a couple of varieties then eventually evolved to over 100. She exhibits her products with various associations active in Kura and Tripoli, where there is a heavy demand for her food.  Saydeh told the DS: “I didn’t expect my products to be so popular, but my customers are used to the fact that I personally prepare and cook the food and I make sure they are preserved in the best conditions, with a lot of attention paid to food safety”.
Source: The Daily Star 25 November 2014

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