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“Homemade” Mouneh exhibition in Koura by An Nahda Women Gathering


An Nahda Women Gathering kicked off its Mouneh exhibition in Koura last Friday.  The event took place in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and was held at the Saint Peter High School in Amioun. The head of the Gathering in Lebanon, Mona Fares, noted that this exhibition is the culmination of the persistent efforts of women who devoted part of their time to serve their communities and to showcase their capacity to produce even in financially limited conditions.  The exhibition extended over three days and included a number of traditional products including olive oil, olives, soap, kechek, shanklish, thyme, jams, orange blossom water, rose water, various sorts of pickles, traditional bread, and others.
The event also included an opening address by Father Malek, the director of the high school, who noted that the exhibition is a good example of success for the students whom the school attempts to orient to the agricultural sector and traditional Mouneh as well as preserving heritage.  Malek hoped that the participating women will continue to preserve local traditions in making Mouneh in view of its health value as well as low production cost especially during difficult economic periods.  

Source: Al-Diyar 13 October 2014

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