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Fifth annual handicrafts exhibition of Lebanese Cultural Association in Tripoli


The Lebanese Cultural Association organized last week its fifth annual handicrafts exhibition, under the auspices of former PM Saad Hariri represented by the Future Movement coordinator in Tripoli, Mustapha 3allooch.  The President of the Association, Omar Kabbara, noted that this exhibition, which was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was much needed by artisans so that they continue with their work and that it also contributes to local development in Tripoli.  He added that Tripoli only needs a bit of support to make a come back on the tourism map. The head of the Tripoli Municipality, Nader Ghazal, noted that all similar activities should enjoy support especially that these are trying times for all.  He added that any such activity was likely to shed light on Tripoli’s values and heritage.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 1 September 2014

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