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Kafa and the National Coalition launch their new campaign entitled: “I did not die but many others have”


Kafa, (Enough Exploitation and Violence) launched yesterday, in collaboration with the National Coalition for a Law to Protect Women from Domestic Violence, their new Campaign entitled “I did not die but others have”.  The announcement of the Campaign was prompted by the Parliament’s failure to keep its promise to include the law petition to protect women from domestic violence in its agenda.  The press release read by Kafa’s director Zoya Rouhana noted that four years have passed since the Speaker of the House gave his inaugural address to the elected assembly in 2009 whereby he called for the promulgation of laws that would protect women from violence.  The mandate of the Parliament has now ended without the realization if that promise.  Rouhana added that the parliament is now leaving office without fulfilling its responsibility to protect women while pointing out to the fact that eight women were reportedly killed as a result of gender based violence during the past year.   This number, according to Rouhana, does not include women cases of killings by women’s immediate family members and who have gone unreported.  Rouhana concluded by saying “that it is now high time that parliament listens to the cries of women demanding protection”.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Safir, Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Akhbar 5 July 2013

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