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NCLW study on women’s rights in the Lebanese legislation


The National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) launched in collaboration with the UNFPA a new study entitled “Women’s Rights in the Lebanese Legislations: Amended texts from 2000 – 2013”.  The launch took place yesterday at the NCLW training centre in Hazmieh.
The General Secretary of the NCLW, lawyer Fady Karam, noted in his speech that this study was implemented with financial support from the UNFPA and consists of a detailed compilation of laws and decrees related to women’s rights in Lebanon and reflect the current state of the art of Lebanese legislation.  This study, according to Karam, will allow a rigorous monitoring of implementation of these laws, adding that the study covers all key axis related to women’s demands for rights including the right to nationality, political participation, and protection from violence as well as other key issues.
Karam noted that the NCLW had completed earlier a study entitled “indicators of women’s situation” which provides a tool for completed the CEDAW implementation reports.  At this stage, and also according to Karam, the NCLW is preparing another study with the help of Judge Arlette Tabet and Judge Fawzi Khamis on the issue of early marriage.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 19 December 2013

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