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NCLW launches its new Gender Equality Program


The National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) launched its new Gender Equality Program during a public event which was held last week at the NCLW training centre in Baabda.  The program which has received a grant of Euros 1.5 million from the European Union, seeks to strengthen gender equality in Lebanon through building the institutional capacity of the NCLW in addition to supporting the role of CSOs in advocacy for women’s political, social and economic rights as per the provisions of the NCLW ten year strategy for 2011 – 2021 that was launched back in 2013.
NCLW’s president, First Lady Wafa Suleiman emphasized that women are key in the process of social development as they represent half the society.  Thus, failing to include them in development processes is a major failing that is condemned internationally.  She continued by saying that she hopes to see women in decision making position, able to transmit her nationality to her husband and children, and legally protected from violence.  She hoped that Lebanon will achieve full and substantive gender equality through removing all forms of discrimination in law and in practice.
The Secretary General of NCLW, lawyer Fadi Karam, noted that the reason for launching this initiative which is in the form of a collaboration between the NCLW and the EU is to move forward with the institutionalization process of NCLW, to strengthen collaboration with NGOS/CSOs and with the gender focal points network in Ministries and public institutions.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Diyar 24 February 2014

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