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NCLW calls again for higher women political representation


The National Commission for Lebanese Women called during the meeting of its Executive Bureau yesterday for an effective participation of women in the upcoming cabinet and for the adoption of an electoral law that will gain consensus by all party and which will guarantee an acceptable level of representation of women in the next parliament.  NCLW indicated that the government, parliament and political parties all share the responsibility for the failure in agreeing an electoral law that is fair to women and that guarantees women’s right to participate in political decision making.  NCLW invited the parliament to expedite the endorsement of a new electoral law which includes a quota of no less than 30% for women.
NCLW also applauded the decision of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities in approving the registering of the first civil marriage in Lebanon and also noted the positive position of the Ministry of Justice on this matter.  The Bureau also called on all parties to contribute to securing civil peace in Lebanon and reiterated that women play a critical role in this area.
Finally, NCLW invited women to take part in the upcoming Beirut Marathon run for women and which will be held on May 26th.  NCLW adopted the following slogan for the run: “I am a Lebanese woman… I am for the quota and the nationality”.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Mustaqbal 10 May 2013

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