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30 women candidates for the forthcoming parliamentary elections with support from “Women in Front” and “Women in Parliament”


Thirty women decided to submit their candidacy for the next parliamentary elections and that is within the framework of an initiative launched by “Women in Front” and with the support of the “Women in Parliament” gathering which groups some 120 CSOs and women groups.  The new candidates expressed their refusal to the extension of the mandate of the current parliament while considering that move as a threat to democratic life which is the basis of Lebanon’s Constitution.  The Candidates also noted that the current electoral law is not ideal and does not reflect the aspirations of women.  They highlighted however that they will not miss a chance to exercise their leadership role and to prove themselves on the political scene. Women in Front called on all women wishing to present their candidacy for the electoral elections to come to participate next Wednesday 10th of September at 9:30 AM in the sit-in event in front of the Ministry of Interior in Sanaye3h.

Source: Al-Nahar 8 September 2014

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