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Nadine Mussa announces her presidential programme and dreams of a Lebanon which promotes women’s position


Lawyer and presidential candidate Nadine Mussa held a press conference yesterday to announce her presidential programme entitled “A radical change is due”.  The event was held at the Press Syndicate yesterday and was attended by an overwhelmingly women audience.  Mussa considered that it is high time for a radical change and for challenging the obstacles to citizens aspirations for a a free and modern state and for building a new Lebanon that is desired by all.  Mussa highlighted that her primary concern is to serve citizens and nation and not to align herself to outdated sectarian lines which are clients to external forces.  She added that Lebanon needs a quantum leap based on a revision of the social contract and a strengthening of laws and Constitution.
Moussa added that she has lost hope in the political elite which has not been able to build a state and has never tried to improve the livelihoods of the Lebanese without practicing any discrimination.  She noted that she aspires for political stability and social justice and dreams of a Lebanon which strengthens and respects women’s positions.  She also called for the independence of the judiciary, and for an end to corruption, free medical care, a pension plan for the elderly, compulsory public education system and contemporary public transportation.  Mussa said that she will seek to strengthen the army and provide it with modern equipment and will also work towards an equitable distribution of resources as well as building a decentralized and secular state.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Akhbar, The Daily Star 23 April 2014

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