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The Lebanese Association for Permanent Peace and the participation of women in local political life


The Lebanese Association for Permanent Peace concluded, in collaboration with Diakonia, the first phase of its project in women’s participation in political life at the local level.  The end of this phase was celebrated last week during an event organised at the Press Club.  A key synthesis from the project was the reiteration of the importance of the role played by Parliament in promoting women’s political participation especially given the important role of women in peace building and because women are an integral part of society and of human rights.
MP Ghassan Mukhaiber noted during the celebration that promoting women’s political participation is the responsibility of the Parliament and, as such, the electoral law for the upcoming municipal elections should include provisions for women’s quota.  MP Chant Janejian discussed for his part the situation of women in Lebanon.  He noted that even though women have made some achievements, however, they have yet to become equal partners in public life and that is in view of the prevailing discriminatory family laws which clearly violate women’s rights and which have to be changed such as the penal code, NSSF laws, the pension system, the nationality law, personal status and electoral laws; the latter must make tangible provision for women’s representation.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal 9 December 2013

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