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Naher Ibrahim municipality sacks its woman member after her marriage to a non-resident


The International Training & Conflict Resolution ICTR Center condemned the action of the Naher Ibrahim municipality who withdrew the membership of its elected woman member, Nadine Saliba, because of her marriage to a non-resident of Naher Ibrahim and the subsequent transfer of her civil register, a transfer which is required by law when women marry from men registered in different localities.  The Center asked the Minister of Interior, Marwan Charbel, to reconsider this case noting that clause 25 of the municipality laws stipulates that elected municipal council members be registered as voters on the list presented during the council elections.  As such, candidates should be on the local election register during the municipal elections and this is in no way a condition for completing the elected members’ mandate especially that Saliba married three years after the start of her mandate.  As a direct consequence of this act, the Naher Ibrahim Municipality was disbanded and the Chief of the Byblos Caza entrusted to act as its charge d’affaires. The director of the ICTR Center, Rowaida Mroueh stressed that the withdrawal of Saliba’s membership was an act of discrimination against all woman involved in politics and an illegal and illegitimate act.
Source: Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Safir 18 November 2013

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