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The Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights adopts the draft law to regulate early marriage despite Kafa reservations


The Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights adopted yesterday the draft law submitted by MP Mokhaiber and the NCLW, and which regulates early marriage without any consideration as to the reservations and objections expressed by Kafa namely the fact that the draft law violated the concept of human rights and provided official and civil legitimacy for marrying girls aged 9 and 12. Kafa’s statement was covered by WEEPortal on 2/10/2014, on the following link: Kafa rejects the draft law on marriages of minors.
The president of the Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights, MP Michel Mussa, noted that the Commission considered the law proposal is a necessary step towards protecting underage children from early marriage and legitimizes the role of parliament in ensuring child protection in accordance with the Human Right covenant, the Child Rights Convention, the Constitution and other relevant laws.  Accordingly, the MP decided to refer the law petition to the Parliamentary Commission for Administration and Justice in order to introduce the final legal wording on the text.

Source: Al-Akhbar, Al-Nahar, Al-Mustaqbal 15 October 2014

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